Sunday, June 14, 2009

Skip & Misty

Skipper and Misty are two budgies that came to the shelter about two months ago, along with a handful of other birds. They were rescued from an apartment fire, but after a few weeks, the 'protective' box was checked on their forms, and it was decided they would stay at the shelter.
They were a bit skittish when they arrived, which was to be expected, but unfortunately their stay at the shelter has only increased that skittishness. They aren't hand-tamed and don't really want anything to do with people, but they like treats and with the right amount of attention, I'm sure they could be trained.
The pair of them love to sing, especially Misty (the female). She chatters away all day and has to comment on every thing that happens.

Misty loves to put on a show and flutter around the cage, hanging off all the toys, although she was very coy when I brought out the camera.

Skip on the other hand is madly in love with his own reflection. He is torn between his love for his mirror, and his bond with Misty. It's a tough life.

These two are very attractive birds and they do love to serenade you. The shelter rarely gets birds and when we do, they usually disappear in a few days - either claimed by frantic owners, or adopted. These two have somehow managed to stay with us for two months, so hopefully they can find a home that will offer them lots of treats and attention soon!
Skipper's Adoption Page

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