Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lucky 7

I totally stole the title of this post from Fred's blog.
On the dog side of things, he was writing about the 13 Shih-Tzus that were surrendered to TAS on Wednesday. Yes, THIRTEEN. Five adults and eight puppies.
Well, today I dropped in to say a quick 'hello' to the bunnies, only to find this:
Let's just say I was a little flabbergasted.

It turns out that SEVEN young rabbits were abandoned, and had just arrived at the shelter. What in the world? What is going on? Is this National Abandon-Your-Pet Month? The shelter is ridiculously busy in all departments. In the small animal room, we now have a guinea pig (Ginger), a hamster (Twin 2) and FOURTEEN rabbits.
Holy moly! Someone come adopt somebody before the room explodes.

Anyway, here are the five new males:
This guy seemed pretty pushy in the five minutes of quality time I spent with him. Unlike most white rabbits, he has lovely blue eyes. I have this urge to call him something really cliche for a white animal, like...Snowball.
The other white one also has lovely blue eyes, and a very sweet-looking face.
I got better photos of this guy, but this one shows off his nose - which looks like it has a butterfly on it! I am determined that he will get a name somehow related to butterflies, unless another volunteer names him and saves him from his fate.
Splotchy Ears here was not at all sure about this crazy lady picking him up, so we took his photo in the cage. He posed wonderfully though (that's him on the left)!
And for the last male, not the most in-focus photo, but it made me laugh. I was running out of time so he got to stay in the cage too, but this guy looks like he'll have quite a personality!

There are also two females, but I didn't have time to get photos of them.
The whole bunch are adorable, young, and fairly sociable, so they shouldn't last too long (knock on wood).

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