Thursday, October 15, 2009

Top 5 Reasons To Share Your House With a Parrot

#5 - They can provide impromptu technical help. Guaranteed to be more helpful than 99% of computer technicians.

#4 - They'll help you keep track of your calories by getting rid of unwanted food. Sometimes they'll be so helpful, you don't even have to ask!

#3 - They have a strange ability to multiply! You get one bird, then you have two, three, ten times the love!

#2 - They have a lovely eye (and talent) for redecorating. All your friends will be talking about your house's 'new look'!

As a bonus, if you have more than one (which you probably will) they'll work together to make the ultimate house decor make-over!

#1 - They love you back!

Fun Fact: Did you know it's 'Blog Action' Day? Bloggers around the world are blogging about global warming while I blog about silly birdies. But you know what, birds are a part of the world's environment too - don't look to me for info, go do some serious Googling on global warming, and see how you can make your life more environmentally-friendly.
Happy Friday!

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