Monday, November 9, 2009

Coming Into Their Own

This weekend's shelter visit had some of the bunnies start to show off a lot more than normal. Perhaps they're thinking, "Geez there's a lot of bunnies here...gotta make myself stand out." I hope that's what they're thinking, it's a good strategy!

Hey, it's Maddy! I haven't posted her in a while because I've been woefully neglecting the Fluffy Twins, what with all the new faces. It's a good thing there are other, more responsible volunteers than me, or she'd never get the royal treatment she deserves!

Bolt finally got spayed! Yay! She can now be adopted and I hope it doesn't take too long. She was also sporting quite a funky hairstyle this weekend.

Check out Lenny's disembodied head! God I love those huge ears. He actually came out to say hello! Still doesn't want to be picked up but it's a start.
This would be a nice shot of the boys if George didn't look so crazy. I think he was a mite annoyed that Fred kept walking on top of him.
This Dutchie has got such a great personality. He really wanted to run though, so I have about 10 photos of him jumping out of the frame!

A canary has also shown up at the shelter! Busy times continue.
I forgot to mention that Marley and Orca have left the shelter and gone to the wonderful Rabbit Rescue. This is especially great because now we have more room and more room was definitely needed.

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