Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hammies & More Hammies!

Hey, it's been a while since we've featured the hamster gang! They're all still here - our three from the first litter, Molly and the orphans. Molly and the orphans are probably ready to go but the shelter's so busy (and Twin 2's there) so they're still at our home.
So let's have some photos!

I have to say we chose the right three to keep together. They are very close and never fight - and look, they're all different colours! Also, they got real names: Jamie stayed as Jamie, but 'Red-Eyes' and 'Gerbil' were named after Harry Potter characters, after their mum Molly. Red-Eyes became Alastor (Al), and Gerbil became Ollivander (Ollie).
Olly and Al showing off their personalities. Olly is always moving, while Al is very quiet and lets his brothers push him around.
I can't believe Jamie was ever the runt of the litter. He's a big fattie now! He's also totally in charge. Actually all three have gotten pretty big, and we're going out this weekend to buy them a bigger cage and spoil them rotten by making it all fancy and exciting.

And then there's the Orphans. I'm trying to think of a crazy-family-nickname for them, like The Beverley Hillbillies or the Addams Family, because they are insaaaane. Just look at that photo - crazy!
Riff-Raff and Houdini have epic battles all the time. They playfight over everything - luckily they don't real-fight, but it's pretty funny to watch.

Houdini's angry face...Riff-Raff's running away here but she can totally beat up Houdini any time she wants.
Riff-Raff would like her mum to leave her alone. It's sweet how close this little adopted family has become.

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