Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You're the Problem

So we got another new bunny a few days ago.
A family called ahead to tell us they were going to surrender their rabbit. Shelter workers asked them to wait, since we are very full at the moment, but for some unfathomable reason, they had to get rid of this rabbit Right. Now.
It turned out to be a beautiful young Rex (only 1.5 years old). Rex rabbits have distinctive fur - it feels like thick satin. They also have rather boxy heads and cute little whiskers and weird long nails, and very laid-back personalities. They're usually in high demand.
The poor thing was huddled at the back of her carrier, probably scared out of her wits. She had freakishly long nails that clearly needed immediate clipping (they said they thought they'd clipped them, 'once'), and sores on her feet, probably from sitting in a wire cage.
They were very unfriendly, which I don't understand.
She wasn't spayed because they didn't believe spaying was 'natural'. Uh-huh. A wire cage, a carrier, a shelter cage that's small because we're running out of room...are these natural?
It's aggravating when people dump their pets and cry about it, like they're the ones who bear the brunt. But you know, at least that's something. When you act indignant, like the shelter should thank you for giving us another unwanted animal, that's just infuriating.
But at least they gave her to us, so now she won't have to sit in a wire cage, and she has a chance to find a loving new family. Her name was Tracey, but we gave her a new name for, hopefully, a new life. Here's hoping Anastasia's next home treats her a bit better.


Caroline said...

I hope Anastasia finds a nice new life with someone that loves her and trims her nails.

EB said...

Ok... so it's ok to leave a bunny sitting on a wire-floored cage with painfully overgrown nails, but spaying is mean? Strange logic there...

btw I like this new sassier tone. It looks like you've been learning a thing or two from One Bark ;)

Laura HP said...

EB - Ha, sometimes I can't manage much patience :P I only wish I could write like Fred!