Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bird Bonanza

Well, last time I went in, there were three rabbits and two birds. This time, the room was completely full! What the heck happened?
It turns out that our East location, in Scarborough, is having massive renovations done. This was stressing out their small animals, so they shipped everyone to us. Strangely, most of their small animals were birds. What is it with birds lately?
Anyway, here's a rundown of the many new faces:
No Name: This cutie chinchilla was put in the back because we wanted to send him to Rabbit Rescue, but unfortunately they're full at the moment. Chinchillas need someone who understands their needs, so hopefully he finds a good home.
Gandalf: What a doll! A big New Zealand White (a meat rabbit, basically), Gandalf is an impressive boy. He was taken into protective custody after his owner was evicted. Gandalf is oddly twitchy, but he's sweet and laid-back - typical large rabbit. Bigger is better in bunnies, I always say. I love this shot, he looks like Godzilla over that hamster cage!
Ozzie: Did Ozzie just win the prize for cutest rabbit in the room? Yes, yes I think he did. What an adorable dwarf! The little guy could stand to gain a bit of weight, and he's got sores on his feet, but with a little TLC he'll be tip-top.
Mali: Scraggly, older hamster with a lovely habit of biting fingers. He's a bit of grump but he's also cute as heck and fine once you've actually picked him up.
Hermes: And now we arrive at the birds. Hermes here reminds me a lot of my Bailey - loud, big attitude and totally nuts. He even kind of looks like Bailey.
Roxy: Roxy has really stunning markings on her back, it looks like dappled sunlight. She is the quietest of the lovebirds and I quite like her thoughtful little personality.
Sugar: Sugar came in with Roxy, but according to their owners, they fight. Sugar is a little neurotic from what I could see, but maybe she just didn't want to put up with me right after being moved into another shelter.
Kiwi: Kiwi really, really did not like the camera, hence this terrible photo. She's a very pretty bird, really!
Inukshuk: And finally there's this little albino baby budgie. Inuk is a total cutie and very young and curious, so I think she'd be fairly easy to train if someone knowledgeable snapped her up!

The two cockatiels have been already adopted (of course), but nevertheless, the room is filled to capacity. There's also a ferret in the back, and there seems to be another new budgie. Sheesh!