Thursday, May 27, 2010

An Unlikely Friendship

This handsome fellow arrived at the shelter on May 25th. In the cage, he's quite flighty, but as soon as I let him out, it became clear that he was hand-tamed (and wing-clipped). He was also obviously used to being out, and as soon as I opened the cage door, out he flew - right into a rabbit cage!
The little guy decided he wanted to hang out with Smudge, I guess. Smudge had no objections. I figured they'd be fine - my two birds and two bunnies have lived in harmony without killing each other.
I think what he really liked was climbing between the cage bars. They make for a good playground!
This guy's great. He's pretty quiet, friendly, and entertaining! I've posted his information on Craigslist and 911 Parrot Alert - whenever we get these tamed budgies, it's a shame, because you know there's a family looking for him somewhere. But if we can't find his owners (and sadly, we probably won't), he's already got three families looking to adopt him!
You know, that's one of the reasons it's so important to hand-tame your birds. Kiwi the budgie is not tame (at all), and she's been with us for a month. This little guy is tame, has been with us two days, and already has three offers. Everybody wants a hand-trained bird, but 95% of the birds that come through the shelter won't let you touch them. You don't need to do hard-core training - just teach them to step up, that's all it takes.

In other news, we also have FOUR new rabbits and a guinea pig! And two of the new rabbits are white, of course. This high rate of white rabbits is making me wonder if we're getting the post-Easter rush already. Two hamsters are arriving from North on the weekend, so we are, once again, packed to the gills.

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