Sunday, May 16, 2010

Update on Emma!

So after that melancholy musing last night, let's have something a bit cheerier, shall we?
Remember Emma and the awesome adopters that chose her?
Well, they sent me a great update - sounds like Emma has already settled in wonderfully! I've been meaning to post this for ages. I wish all adopters were this thorough with the adoption process AND their updates! These guys do everything right:
Hello there!
My boyfriend and I recently adopted Emma the rabbit from Toronto Animal Services South. She is a beautiful gray/white bunny with a very gentle personality, and since we've gotten her home she's stolen our hearts! She loves to hop around our rooms investigating every corner. Once she feels she knows the place well, she'll jump up on our bed and come nudge us for pets before flopping down for a rest. We used to give her dried fruits as treats but when we took her to the high park animal vet we found out that rabbits can't actually digest the sugars in fruit properly. So instead we give her a daily papaya enzyme supplement as a treat. She unfortunately had a case of ear mites but the vet gave her some serum in the ears to clear them way, and also sent us home with revolution to apply to prevent them from coming back. Other than that though, our vet said her blood and stool results came back clear, and Emma's a very healthy bunny.

She also loves her bowl of Kale, Collard Greens, Mustard Greens, Bock choy, and romaine lettuce in the morning. We're trying to switch her to wter bottle rather than a bowl, but she's pretty persistent about drinking out of the bowl. At night she's quiet in her large cage, and likes sitting on the second level where her water and food bowl are, surveying the cage and the room. The other day, after having her out for several hours she jumped up on our bed and binkyed around for the first time since we got her! It was so great to see those happy kicks of joy! Overall, we're really happy that Emma's in our lives. She's a great pet and as we continue to earn her trust I'm sure she'll continue to warm up to us and binky around :) She's a quiet, clean, affectionate pet - everything we were looking for and more!

Thanks so much to the volunteer Laura who spent the time taking each bunny out for a play on the grass so that we could find a good match!

Fantastic! I was thrilled to help them out, not many adopters take the time to go outside with each rabbit. Emma was such a sweetie, I'm glad she's in good hands.
In other news, Ana and Ariel have been spayed, and Ozzie and Gandalf have been neutered, so all five rabbits are up for adoption. I guess I should stop lazing around and post them on Bunspace.
Inukshuk, the little white budgie, has found a home. I really hope we hear an update, he was a doll.
Mali the dwarf hamster is causing a bit of a problem because he keeps biting everybody. He really needs to find a home. My project for the next few days is to find someone to give him a second chance; he's not too horrible or anything, he only bites when he's in the cage. Somebody out there has to be willing to help a grumpy old hamster. Fingers crossed!

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