Thursday, November 11, 2010

Also, More Rats

This little girl was left outside the shelter a few days ago. A very outgoing little thing, she's only a few months old and super nice. I don't know why anyone would dump Rascal, but it doesn't really matter. She's off to Petsmart for this weekend's adopt-a-thon, where I'm sure she'll last approximately 5 minutes.
She isn't the problem. The problem is three other rattie girls.
The East location recently got a huge dump of rats and mice from some lovely person. They were understandably overwhelmed, so they sent us three gorgeous, outgoing females: Zelda (above), Kirby (darker) and Peach (fawn). They really are lovely, I would say they're the nicest rats we've ever had.
This one is Kirby. The only problem with these girls is that they arrived at East in a large group of 12 rats - males and females. So now there is a (very high, knowing rats) chance of them being pregnant. Pregnancy watch time!
Peach here is the only one I seriously suspect of being pregnant. She is outgoing just like the others, but freaks out if you try and pick her up, especially when you touch her stomach. She's also being very nest-y. But hey, who knows, any of them could be expecting. Or not. Rodents know how to fool you.
I really fell for these guys. That's Zelda up there, completely sacked out because I was petting her on the head and she just loved it. She's my favourite, such a sweetheart. The three of them were reaching through the cage bars to grab my clothes, trying to get my attention.
Zelda, Kirby and Peach will be going to Grace, our Super Foster Mom. She'll also be taking Marble the hamster. Luna and Ebony the hamsters are at my house and I'm picking up Shade tomorrow. Dottie the hamster is at the house of one of our workers.
That's five hamsters and three rats on pregnancy watch.
I am getting very nervous.


Anonymous said...

Try not to stress - I picked up two females and a male who had been living together before we arrived (the reptile their babies fed was being sold). Only one was pregnant. :)

Laura HP said...

Oh none of them could turn out to be pregnant - which would be awesome! It's just this lurking possibility of all of them, however remote. Well, we'll deal with it however it turns out. Fingers crossed :)

Anonymous said...

I think Zelda is my favourite - who can resist a flattened rattie?! Fingers crossed indeed! :)