Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy (Belated) Halloween!

I love Halloween! Not only is it an excuse to put ridiculous effort into a ridiculous costume, it's full of candy and pumpkin flavoured things and it's an excellent excuse to humiliate the shelter animals with another photoshoot!
Bellatrix's future should not include modelling, she's not very good at it. I'm pretty sure this is almost the same as her Thanksgiving photo. Good thing she has personality!
Here's Andrea in front of our cheesy backdrop. My mom and I had some fun buying the cheesiest decorations we could - we also had a sparkling witch hat but not all the animals were too sure about that.
Coraline was in the mood for posing however, and we got about a million photos of the gorgeous mom.
Hahaha! Oh man, this is one of my favourite photos ever. Flitwick is now back at the shelter and luckily did not mind the hat as long as we bribed him with treats.
Kayla is one of the prettiest rabbits I've ever seen. She has this perfect white fur and adorable little ears and gorgeous blue eyes. But even better than that, she has this darling personality, she's so easy-going and friendly, I really like her. I suspect she will not last long.
Mocha is my favourite dove ever, he's hilarious. He's so curious about everything. I thought he'd be scared of the decorations but no, he was fascinated.
Munchkin stayed still for a minute!! That was the most exciting part of the photoshoot. That baby is craaaazy hyper.
I finally got a decent shot of Lewis' fabulous ears. Look at them! They're amazing.
Lewis was surprisingly co-operative actually. I think he's coming out of his shell a bit, he doesn't seem quite so petrified of everything. Poor guy, he's sweet, he's just scared.
Trinity, our other dove, is a bit shyer than Mocha and she was quite intimidated by the decorations. Still, she put up with our silliness because she's incredibly good-natured.
Betty and Veronica here are new additions to the Room. They were transferred from Scarborough for the sole purpose of going to Pet Valu. Yay Pet Valu, they're doing a great job with adoptions! Bellatrix and Flitwick will be joining the guinea pigs at the store.
Benji and Seuss, my other babies, actually stood still at the same time. Halloween miracle! Seuss is the best, he's such a sweetheart. Benji is a little spazz and I suspect he may have a little difficulty winning someone over. Besides me, of course (they're my babies, I am totally biased).
Finally we have a new rabbit. Since she arrived the day before Halloween, how could I resist naming her Pumpkin? She's very sweet and is remarkably similar to Neville in both looks and temperment.
Look, we even did a cat! Miriam, who was Not Impressed.

Happy belated Halloween everyone!


Caroline said...

Wow great pictures Laura, you rock!

Reese said...

Oh they are so adorable. I like the pictures so perfect. Anyway last Halloween, My rabbits had a great time with their costume and I made them really feel the spirit of Halloween by decorating their rabbit hutches with Halloween decors like, pumpkins and bats.