Friday, February 25, 2011

And Repeat

Last week, Jingle got adopted at the Petsmart adopt-a-thon. Two days later, I walked into the Room and saw this guy in her cage:
I'm beginning to think someone out there is cloning rabbits, what with all the doubles we've seen lately.
This sweetheart arrived with the name Peter, but we changed it because Peter is such a cliched name for rabbits. Do you know how many rabbits are surrendered with that name? We had one rabbit officially named Peter and now it is unofficially banned from the Room.
This little guy is now named Oliver, and he has the loveliest personality. His story is incredibly like Jingle's, it's so weird. Like Jingle, he is around middle age - Jingle was 4-5, he is 5 and a half. Like Jingle, he is an almost perfect example of the Dutch breed, although he has longer, fluffier fur. Like Jingle, he is amazingly affectionate and laid back. And like Jingle, his owners gave him up after 5 years for an exceptionally vague reason. Jingle's owners dumped her and fled the scene before giving any info, although we later found out they 'didn't have enough time for her'. Oliver's owners dumped him and left a single word for Reason for Surrender: "Cost".
He has already been neutered, as we lucked out with the vet's timing and all the bunnies are now fixed, save for little Mac, who is not mature enough to be neutered.
As an odd and unfortunate coda to this, Jingle was returned today. Apparently the guy from the adopt-a-thon fooled us all, because he returned her for 'losing too much hair' and was furious that we wouldn't give him his money back. She has no bald spots and while she is shedding quite a bit, that's probably partially because she's beyond stressed and it's shedding season anyway. Even if she is having fur/skin issues, that's what a vet is for.
But I'd rather have her back with us anyway, if that's his standard of care. Poor Jingle's been moved around too much, although her sweetheart personality doesn't seem to have changed. Hopefully her next home will be the one she deserves.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Jingle's adoption did not last long. All rabbits / cats / dogs lose hair in the spring - that is why you need to brush them. That guy should just get himself a stuffed toy rabbit. Good thing you got Jingle back!