Thursday, February 10, 2011

Perils of Craigslist Part II

I know most people in rescue hate looking at Craigslist because it's too disheartening, but I always end up looking at it, out of morbid curiosity and a pretty flimsy justification. I am always a little paranoid that one of our adoptees will end up on there (not to defame our adopters, but as with everything else in life, our screening process is not always 100% perfect at screening out the losers).
And when I read their stupid ads, I can't help but comment on them, which results in another post.
This little 18-mos-old budgie is being given away without her cage as "she can escape from it really easily anyways". Budgies are a 15-year-commitment, but it's ridiculous how many people get rid of them before they're even 2.
First off, again, this is not a Dutch rabbit. Sabrina (in the photo above) is a Dutch rabbit. There seems to be an epidemic of misunderstanding about what Dutch means.
More importantly - you're giving away your TEN YEAR OLD rabbit?! She's TEN!! Geez LOUISE, people.
Another priceless snake ad. Seriously. People. Snakes are not easy pets. They need specialized care and they live forever. I love them, I had one, but I do not recommend them unless you are willing to make a ridiculous commitment (much like birds!).
I especially like this part: "both snakes are aggressive but can be tamed very easily with frequent handling". Um, they're over a year old...why didn't you do that?

It's a rather gloomy day here, with some less-than-great news about a few fosters and a stagnant week for adoptions. Daffy and Bugs (above) have been moved to Pet Valu. These are the first rabbits at Pet Valu, so it's just a trial stage right now, but hopefully it goes well.
Also this weekend I'll be at Petsmart for an adopt-a-thon. I'm always on the fence with Petsmart adopt-a-thons, as they can move great numbers but often attract less-than-desirable adopters. But we definitely need to move some rabbbits right now.
 And finally, Sweet Pea has gone to Rabbit Rescue due to her utterly unpleasant attitude. Fingers crossed she will improve in a foster home! RR also took Noddy, for absolutely no reason that I can discern, but hopefully that means Noddy will be adopted quickly.
Midterms are here, I haven't been to the shelter in far too long, and the feeling of this week can be summed up as 'meh'. However, Valentine's Day is around the corner which means - a holiday shoot! Yay!


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