Friday, February 4, 2011


One of my New Year's resolutions was to post more often and stop leaving weak-long gaps, but obviously I have failed that already. Damn New Year's Resolutions!
We only have rabbits in the Room right now, but we have a bunch - a total of 9!
I tried to get nice 'portrait'-type shots of everybody last time I was there, but I ran out of time. I do like the ones I ended up with though. Noddy (above) was my favourite.
Daffy and her sister have been broken up. I don't know if they were fighting or not, but even if they weren't, when the Room fills up the shelter can't keep pairs together. Those two were 10 months old and didn't seem bonded beyond the 'sibling' stage, and neither seem particularly upset about this development.
Friday is always overlooked for some reason. She's quite shy but she's a darling and stands out in a Room filled with cranky rabbits.
Whenever the Room has a lot of rabbits (say, over 6), you start to notice attitude problems among many of them. It's inevitable. Diamond (above) has been grouchy since she arrived, Sweet Pea's attitude totally dissolved into territoriality, Noddy has grunted at a few people and Elf is being a total lunatic about being picked up.
They'll calm down once adoptions pick up, you just have to wait it out. In the meantime, they'll keep acting out.
Good thing they're good-looking!


Anonymous said...

I remember holding Elf before Christmas and he seem to enjoy being cuddled and wouldn't stop licking me! He was so calm and gentle and was the easiest to be held of all the rabbits. I thought he was adorable! It was a tough decision for me between Elf and Frosty. I am glad I chose Frosty because he is such a sweet and cuddly bunny + he gets along so well with my other pets! But I feel bad that poor Elf is still not adopted and he is acting differently - probably depressed because he is still at the shelter. It reminds me of the sad story of Sunny the cat. It was a tough decision for me between Sunny and Rosie the cat. Someone please adopt Elf soon! He really is a sweet heart and needs a loving home! He really is gentle and likes to be held and won't stop licking you!

MacphailMaverickTL said...

Does that mean that Romeo and Juliet the chinchillas have finally been adopted? Please say it's so!

Laura HP said...

MacphailMaverickTL - Unfortunately Romeo & Juliet still aren't adopted, they just aren't in the Room. They're at our local Pet Valu, still hoping for adoption. They're much happier there, and the store staff love them.

Anonymous said...

I went to visit Elf yesterday along with all the other pets at the shelter. Elf liked being pet in his cage and wouldn't stop licking me. Never too many Bunny kisses! It is true, he doesn't like being held right now - but I think it is because he is scared. He didn't mind when I held him before. I hope that once he feels safe in a new home, he will go back to his old self.