Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gone in a Flash

We had an exciting guest at the shelter this past week. A Dusky Conure was surrendered by his owners because they got a cat. What a brilliant reason!
This guy loved the blanket that was half-covering his cage. As soon as I opened the door, he climbed out and snuggled under the cover. Conures often have that 'snuggly' instinct, and many of them enjoy having a 'cuddle buddy' in their cage (as long as they can't ingest any of it).
He didn't really get a name, but I nicknamed him Parker while he was with us. I miss having a conure - they have huge personalities, and leave a huge hole when they're gone. Every time a conure shows up at the shelter, there is a huge temptation to adopt them. They are such special little guys.
Luckily (for me), these guys always go super fast. I mean, super fast, we never even get them on the website. Parker was adopted the day after I met him, by a foster mom for us who previously had a cockatiel for 21 years! Obviously she knows what she's doing - I think Parker will be just fine.
I personally think there is nothing worse, in terms of surrendering an animal, than giving up a parrot. They are intelligent, incredibly social creatures who need a stable environment, but the vast majority of them go through up to 10 homes in their lives. In this case, however, I think Parker is definitely better off. An upgrade from being dumped for a cat to a home like that? Go Parker!

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Caroline said...

Parker is adorable! I'm glad he found a good home, sort of weird they let the bird go normally it would be the cat but I guess in a way he was the better choice as he found a home afterall.