Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Bunnies, Guinea Pigs & Mice

Of course we did an Easter shoot. Easter is not a great holiday for small animals, what with the unfortunate tradition of buying rabbits and chicks and then dumping them afterward. So we decided to reclaim the day with cuteness!
That's Pancakes up there - with the cutest photo ever. I love it!
Guinea pigs are so easy to work with - I tried to get a bunch of rabbits to stay in the basket, but with Martha, she just sat there. 
Callalily - she and her siblings are all grown up now, and man, they are huge. I love that "Bunny Crossing" sign.

Vanilla is our other adult guinea pig - she wasn't a big fan of the basket but she posed nicely in front of the main display. 
(We may have gone a little overboard with our decorations here)
Petunia, one of Callalily's sisters. This is another one of my favourite shots, I love the basket and fake flowers in front of her.
This is Stuart, a baby mouse whom I just adore. I am seriously in love with this boy - and this photo turned out adorably!
Lizzie, the punk rock guinea pig from a few posts ago. She really liked that Lindt bunny.
Rose, the last of the flowery siblings. I liked the little touch of the Easter plates on the wall - and for once, that ugly purple wall matched!
This was one of my favourite photoshoots. I think it turned out really cute! I hope you guys enjoy it too.
And one more of my favourite boy Stuart:


andrea said...

awww I love them - though I'm sad to see my babies still there ... fingers crossed they find a great home soon :)
Thanks for all the great pictures - they always make me grin!

selkie said...

what incredibly ADORABLE pictures!! Hope those guys all get a forever home soon!

Caroline said...

Laura, you are such an amazing photographer! I've never seen anyone make small animals so photogenic!