Sunday, July 24, 2011


This is just a quick post - Montreal SPCA is dealing with a huge number of degus right now. Montreal has literally no resources for adopting out small animals, so these guys don't have much hope. I've been in contact with a volunteer there to figure out if we can bring some here.

The thing is, our shelter is FAR too full. We CANNOT bring any into the shelter. So we need adopters. OR we need foster homes who are willing to keep them until we find adopters. They can't go through the shelter, but if we can get them into foster homes until we find adopters, then they have a place.

Degus are social creatures that need to live in pairs or groups. They are all in groups of 2 or more, except for one single male.

Can anyone adopt or foster to adopt? Or do you know of anyone? I don't know if we can help these guys, but I'd like to try.

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