Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pushed to the Limit

We have too many rabbits.
In my three years at TAS, I've never seen us have so many rabbits. Right now, we have no other animals in the Room or Pet Valu - just bunnies. And that's the worst, because rabbits are slow adoptions; they don't get adopted en masse like hamsters.

It's not even just from the litters that are coming of age. It certainly didn't help that we had to deal with 12 babies from the condo hoarder, or that we found 7 babies under a porch. But even without that added pressure, rabbits have been pouring in, a steady stream of strays and owner surrenders. The staff are already overwhelmed, especially as we've had some sick dogs recently and an insane amount of cats, and it feels like the place is at a boiling point. What is this? Summer is over. It's supposed to be calming down, not spiralling out of control. I am generally an optomistic, look-on-the-bright-side-despite-the-stupid-people person, but lately every time I see a new rabbit I just want to scream!

Here's our line-up currently in the Room (not counting Snickers at Pet Uno or Cashew at Pet Valu, or Silver and Emerald still waiting in foster). Know anyone looking for a rabbit? Feel free to share - with 18 rabbits, we're just a little desperate for homes.
Almond is one of our hoarder babies (from Pistachio's litter). She's super squirmy about being held and a little shy, but very affectionate. She also has just gorgeous colouring.
 Amethyst is also a hoarder baby, from Ruby's litter. She is so outgoing and loving! She adores attention and will do anything to get a good rub on the head.
Topaz (as you can probably tell) is Amethyst's brother. Strong resemblance in this family! He's a little quieter, certainly less active, but he too loves people and will lie right down if you stroke his forehead.
Freckles is a 6-mos-old lop brought in as a "stray". She is SUPER energetic and nosy, needs a space to run, and loves people!
Ghost was left behind in an apartment when his owner moved out (charming!). He is a very handsome boy, very confident and craves attention. Unfortunately he managed to injure his ear recently, but he's now healing well and waiting for that unsightly wound to go away.
Circe, the mom of the porch litter, is quite timid, especially around strangers. She does warm up to you over time and is super, super gentle. Just a little scared. She deserves a proper home after all she's been through.
Achilles is one of Circe's sons, and you'd never guess he was found under a porch at 1 week old. He is the troublemaker in his family, always sticking his nose where it doesn't belong! He is super curious about everything, not timid at all and he loves, loves, loves people.
Hercules is another one of Circe's sons. This beautiful guy may look plain black in the photo, but he has subtle silver flecking across his ears, rump and belly. It's pretty neat. Herc loves people and he is usually the first to hop onto your lap or run over to say 'hello'. He is very affectionate, and a big explorer who will need space to play.
Zeus is Circe's third son, and he's very attached to his mum. It'd be nice if they went together, although I'm certainly not holding my breath. The runt of the litter, Zeus is the shyest, but he's starting to really come out of his shell. He's a very gentle, timid boy.
Melody is one of our newest arrivals, she's only been at the shelter a few days and hasn't been spayed yet. She's a very cuddly girl, likes people but quite timid in the shelter environment. Her owner gave her up because he was "going on vacation" and didn't want to find a sitter. She's 10 months old.
Sugar arrived with his girlfriend, who is also a Lionhead and thankfully being spayed today. Sugar is just the cutest little ball of fur, look at him. What a face! He's also very sweet and laid-back, doesn't get too excited about anything and seems to like people despite being a little shy.
Spice arrived with Sugar, and she's getting spayed today so she'll be good to go in a few days. She's a sweet girl, a little freaked out by the shelter since she just arrived a few days ago. Like Sugar, she's quite laid back.
And finally we have Fiddlesticks, who just arrived yesterday as a "stray". He's a super, super affectionate boy, very in-your-face, pet-me-already kind of personality. He's very gentle and he has lovely markings and blue eyes.

That's thirteen in the Room alone. And there may or may not be more coming in today. So if you know anyone interested in adopting, PLEASE pass on the word - we're drowning in bunnies!

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