Monday, February 27, 2012


We've gotten some good-looking rabbits into the Room over the past week or so!
This beautiful girl was found loose in the street, poor thing. She's quite young, only a few months old, and skinny as a rail. You can feel most of her bones, but it hasn't slowed her down. I named her Eve, and she is just the loveliest thing. She is affectionate and gentle and just fantastic. Also, she's a supermodel for the camera. I don't usually get decent photos of all-black rabbits, but she posed just perfectly.
Then we have this adorable guy. Morris was brought to the shelter as a 'stray', even though the finder miraculously had a cage and rabbit food as well. How mysterious!
Morris was a typical unneutered boy, very eager and in-your-face, running around with his tail straight up and marking everything with his chin. He has now been neutered, so his friendly personality should soon calm down into a more manageable, lovable form.
Morris was transferred to us from TAS West, along with this beautiful lady. This is Brynn, and isn't she stunningly beautiful? I love her markings. She looks like those spots were delicately painted on her. She's a sweet girl, but quiet and a little shy. I love rabbits like Brynn - gentle, affectionate once they trust you, quiet, smart.
Oddly enough, she looks almost exactly like a miniature version of Abeline:
 Speaking of Abeline, this shy girl really, really needs a home. She has been waiting since October, when she was rescued from that hoarder, where she'd been living her entire life in a tiny cage. Unsurprisingly, she has some territorial tendencies, but they really only come out when she's stressed.

And oh boy, is she stressed at the shelter. She's a sensitive girl, sweet but easily scared, and the shelter is just not kind for rabbits like her. She's not doing well and she needs a home. If you're interested in her, please email me. If not, please pass her story along and hopefully we can find somebody for her!

On a more cheerful note, those three budgies from the last post have found a home! They were adopted to a home where they will live in a large aviary with a whole flock of budgies - perfect for birds that are used to each other's company and lots of exercise!

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