Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Uphill Battle

Well, that nice little lull is over! I knew it couldn't last. It's just not natural to have a reasonable number of animals in the Room.
For some reason, we've been getting loads of guinea pigs. This is fairly odd, because while we get guinea pigs regularly, we don't normally get them in huge groups. Yet for some reason, we have about 10 right now. These two are Smokey and Foghorn (not my finest moment in naming, I'll admit). Have I ever mentioned I hate photographing animals with dark faces? Because seriously. Can you even see Smokey's eyes here? He looks like someone inked out his face. He's cute in real life, I swear.
This little cutie is Pinta, and she's only four months old. She arrived with another guinea pig named Tribble, but they were separate for some reason. We pawned them off on Pet Valu - er, I mean, Pet Valu kindly agreed to take them. Sweet Tart (who is still waiting!) is at Pet Valu with them, bringing our number of current adoptable guinea pigs up to 5. That may not sound like much, but it's certainly more than we normally have. And I'm not counting the ones in foster, who are going to get their own post.
While guinea pigs are taking over, we did also get a sweet young rat. This cutie is Huckleberry, and he's only five months old. I know people don't like the "lab rat look", but I think the red-eyed whites are kind of cute. Whatever you think of his looks, Huck is a total sweetheart and I doubt he'll last long.
And of course, it wouldn't be the Room without a few extra rabbits. Cocoa here was surrendered by his owner because she was moving, even though she'd had him for two years already. I'll never be able to make sense of that. Anyway, Cocoa is a pleasant fellow, although he can be a little touchy about his territory. I told him there was only space for one ambiguously territorial rabbit in the Room, and Abeline had already filled the position. He just got neutered, so we'll see if he gets over himself as the hormones calm down.
I'm exaggerating though, he's nowhere near as bad as Abeline, he probably just needs some space. He's a perfectly nice guy.
Brown seems to be the colour of the month. How freaking cute is this guy? I just want to take him home (not really).
Henry here is an easy-going guy who doesn't seem fazed by  much. He was left in a box on a store's front steps, arrived at a scary shelter and got neutered, all within two days. That's enough to freak out any rabbit! But the next day, he was stuffing his face and playing with his toys, as calm as could be. He is super good looking and with that nice personality, I'm going to predict he won't last long.

So, all seven of those animals arrived within the last week. How many got adopted? Um, two. Ha! Ever heard the term 'uphill battle'?
Meanwhile, in my ongoing attempt to get a decent photo of poor Hattie, I took this shot. I think it's an improvement? Hard to tell, really.

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digbyandsassy.net said...

Cocoa and Henry are lovely looking bunnies, and how flipping cute is Foghorn?! I think that's an adorable name, and he's crazy cute. I should drop by some evening and take some shots of the furries :)