Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Moving On Up!

Is there anyone still reading this? If so, kudos to you!

It's been pretty apparent that this blog has mostly been abandoned at this point. It makes me a little sad - I ran this thing for almost 4 years! Admittedly it was sporadic at times, but still. We've received updates, donations and adoptions through this blog, so thank you to everyone who ever read and offered support!

I'm still at the shelter, up to my elbows in rabbits as always, and I still want to bring more attention to the oft-overlooked little guys. So, that said, this blog isn't really ending - it's moving!

You can now find out about TAS South's small animals at:

Tumblr is more off-the-cuff, which means I can just quickly post a photo and some facts, rather than having to sit down and write a complete entry. I'll still be posting available animals on there, as well as updates! I know there are several adopters who have sent me updates over the last few months that never got posted - they will start showing up on the Tumblr, I promise!

In summary: thank you everyone! If you've stuck around to the bitter end, I am much impressed, and I hope you check out the Tumblr!


Suzanne said...

Hi Laura,

Yes, I still check this site, and will follow you over to Tumblr.


giovanna_p said...

Me too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

I loved reading your blog and I loved the long posts and the stories, that's what made it so special, but I can understand that it's very time consuming. I'm sad, but I'm also glad we're not losing you, and I too will follow you on Tumblr. :)

from Germany

Anonymous said...

Frosty the Jersey Wooly says Hi Laura! If it wasn't for your blog, I would never have thought about adopting a rabbit! Frosty plays outside in my fenced yard with my Jack Russell dog Trixie and cat Rosie adopted from TAS South. When Frosty wants to go back in, he hops through the back door and to his room for a snack and a nap in his basket. He has the freedom to go where he wants, just like a cat. When he is outside, I carefully supervise him, but he never tried to run away or go under the fence. He just hops around and plays with the other pets and neighbourhood kids. They are all begging their parents for a rabbit and I told them about TAS. Hopefully you will be visited by a bunch of new rabbit fans soon! Sincerely, Christina, Frosty, Rosie, and Trixie!

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