Monday, June 8, 2009


Tucker was at the shelter when I started volunteering there late last year. He was a very handsome bunny, sort of on the big side, and completely unsocialized. He'd arrived in September of 2008 as a stray.
Tucker was always there, every week, as the other rabbits came and went. He had his two-cage spread at the top, right in the middle of the window, but he never got adopted. Probably because he wouldn't let anyone touch him for more than two seconds. He didn't want to be cuddled or scratched behind the ears, he wanted you to leave him alone with his beloved cardboard box. He was also not very photogenic despite being so handsome, and this is the only flattering photo I have of him for that very reason. Refusing to look at the camera 99% of the time may have been a part of this.
If you did get him outside for a run, however, run is exactly what he did. Run like a madman, complete with a few jumps and twists. That bunny had so much energy to burn, it was nuts. The staff let him run in the dog rooms when they could to give him more room.
Tucker was at the shelter from Sept 08 to May 09. After 9 months waiting around for a home, the kind people at Rabbit Rescue Ontario decided to take him and find the right kind of home for him themselves. The handsome boy is now up on their website, and hopefully he'll be able to find some people of his own, and lots of room to run.
Rabbit Rescue Scroll down to find Tucker.


Sparky2 said...

Hi, Laura! I love that you're doing a blog like this ... it's wonderful! You're sharing important and thought provoking information. I think I may be coming up on some free time soon and now you've got me thinking seriously about volunteering ... :-)

Laura HP said...

Hi Sparky2! Thanks for the comment =) You should definitely see if volunteering will work for you - shelter animals always need more people to give them cuddles!