Sunday, June 7, 2009


I am fairly sure that no one's reading this, but that's probably a very good thing, as I have no idea what I'm doing.
I suppose introductions are in order. My name is Laura. I volunteer at the South location shelter of Toronto Animal Services, which is located on the CNE grounds. I'm not a professional or expert or anything, I just like to go and play with the animals once a week, because they get love and attention out of it and I get...well, to play with animals. I'm also a certified music nerd, and therefore if you do happen to read this, you'd better brace yourself for classical music references and jokes that only a select group of nerdy people will find interesting.
On a much more fascinating note, I share my house with 5 animals of varying degrees of insanity.
The most normal of the group is the dwarf hamster, who also adorns the heading of this blog. Then there are the three parrots, and the rabbit which is the size of a cat. Three of them came from the shelter, one came from a woman's purse, which is a story for another day, and the oldest one came from a breeder.
So what is the point of this blog? I like to take photos, and I like the animals at the shelter. Genius that I am, I like to combine the two and take photos of the animals at the shelter. I've wanted to post the photos and bring more attention the small animals for a while now, and blogging seemed the way to go. In short, the point of this blog is to post photos of the rabbits, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs and reptiles that end up at my shelter, and hopefully bring them some more love and cuddling from some new people. And ideally, in the future, get updates on how the little guys are doing in their awesome new homes.


Fred said...

Hey, I'm reading this. It's great you started a blog on the small animals at TAS South. They need some more attention too. Now if only there was someone to write about the cats.

Laura HP said...

Thanks Fred! We need to get one of the cat volunteers online! I'll have to throw a cat in every once in a while to even it out :)