Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh, The Humanity

Or, how a quick vet visit can quickly get out of control.

Our cockatiel, Loki, has a habit of getting herself into the stupidest situations. The photo above was taken when she crawled into a pitcher on the top of the kitchen cabinet and subsequently found she couldn't get out. She whined until I took her down, and we laughed at her and took photos before freeing her, just to complete the indignity.
She also has a habit of getting her feet caught in everything. This bird has managed to bruise, cut, and twist her feet in more ways than I thought possible. We have the styptic powder right beside her cage.

Therefore, when she landed on me the other day, limping pathetically, I can't say I was particularly surprised - or sympathetic. Her foot was limp but it wasn't bruised, cut or swollen, and she didn't seem to be in too much pain. Still, I thought, best to check with the vet.

So we went to our vet's office, a lovely place with lovely people, and they were all quite amused because it turned out she'd broken a nail. There was much name-calling directed toward her (mostly on my part, and mostly along the lines of "wimp" and "drama queen" and "the lovebird wouldn't have made such a fuss"). They gave her a painkilling shot since she was so dramatic about it, and then told us to bring her back the next day, on the slight chance she might have a fracture. The next day, of course, she was totally fine, and wondering why on earth we were at the vet's again.

So: First visit - $50. Pain injection - $50. Second visit - $50. Total cost of your stupid bird breaking a nail and crying about it - $150.

Reason #2352350232 why the only people who own parrots are rich or crazy!


Marg said...

so we fall into the crazy department?

Joanna said...

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