Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Rabbits

What with the strike and all, the small animals previously at the south shelter have been scattered to the wind, so when I went yesterday, they were all new faces.

This pretty lady is Cordelia, named after the character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and she was brought in July 24. She's a Florida White, and has lovely blue eyes (can't tell here, I know). I don't know her story but she was brought in as protective custody. She's a little uncertain but happy to be petted. She's not spayed yet, so she's not up for adoption quite yet.

Next up is Simon, a young adult lop and a total cutie. He was so eager for attention! He's got a lot of energy and had a great time running around the room, but he'd always stop and come over to say 'hello'. I couldn't walk by his cage without his little nose sticking between the bars for a pet. He's been at the shelter since July 27 and is all ready for adoption. With his personality, I bet it won't take long.

Tanner is still a little guy, only about 6 months old. He's a little fuzzball, and very interested in getting attention, although he's also interested in testing out his baby teeth every once in a while!
Bizarrely enough, he and Simon look almost identical, but they were brought in at totally different times. Tanner arrived on August 17.

Finally, we have Moo and Meatball, a bonded pair of females. These two are totally adorable - you've gotta love Moo's poofy face. Their last owners took great care of them and socialized them well, but sadly their newborn baby developed allergies to the rabbits and they were forced to give them up. The girls arrived on August 10, and while they're a little disgruntled about being in a cage, they're very friendly and playful.

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