Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Cat Interlude

I do like looking in on the cats. They have plenty of volunteers themselves, and I spend 99% of my time with the small animals, but every once in a while I go to visit the kitties.

This handsome fellow has the adorable name of Mr Toes. He's a talkative guy, and when I went to take a photo of him, he was clearly planning a clever escape from his cage. I'm not a cat volunteer so I decided a photo through the bars would work better! Mr Toes has been at the sheltesince July 31, when he was brought in as a stray.

Gemini has beautiful colouring! She came in June 6 as a stray and does not like other cats. She seemed to be fairly friendly, letting me take her photo (which is not the most flattering!) and sticking our her head for some head-scratching.

Mimsy is a lovely, lovely girl. She's absolutely gorgeous, with nice silky fur, and she's very friendly. She was surrendered when her family had a new baby, and she's been there since April 21. I don't know why she's been there so long - she's got a sweet personality, she gets along with other cats and kids, and no medical problems that I could see. I really hope she finds a home!

Quite a few of the cats have reduced adoption fees, only $30, until the end of August. The Ex (Canadian National Exhibition) is currently on, so the shelter either gets lots of visitors or none at all. Still, hopefully a few animals find new homes before the end of summer.

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