Sunday, September 6, 2009

Those Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

Toronto's been lucky to have a nice, cool, rain-filled summer this year. I know many people disagree with me on that, but I'm a big fan of rain and coolness! I could've done without the tornado, though.
Despite the relatively easy summer, heat-wise, the temperature did manage to get pretty high on some days. And with the weather in Canada, you never know when a summer is going to make Toronto, or Montreal, or whatever, into a desert.
Rabbits are not big fans of heat. Sure, they like to lie in the warm sun, but once it starts getting up there, temperature-wise, they start getting grumpy. Alice tends to flop down wherever she happens to be, and refuse to move except for food. As with all rabbits, she also sheds in the summer, and as you can see in the photo, her piles of fur tend to collect in her favourite spots.
The heat is always uncomfortable for furry animals, but it can also be a serious danger. Bunnies are vulnerable to heat stroke, which can make them seriously ill, and kill them. When the temperature starts climbing, make sure your bunny has a cool place where they can take refuge, and lots and lots of water! If it gets really hot, you can put a cold-water bottle where they can find it, and they can lie against it for some relief.
A good way to gauge a rabbit's temperature is through their ears. Since their ears work as a cooling system, you can feel them to judge if the rabbit's getting too hot. Ears that feel super-hot to the touch usually mean there's a problem, and if the bunny won't move around and looks listless, it's vet-visit-time.
Most of the summer, however, a fresh supply of water keeps bunnies (and people!) happy and healthy, although it won't prevent them from being lazy and lying in the sun all day.

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