Sunday, September 20, 2009

An Avalanche of Hamsters!

So TAS was suddenly overflowing with hamsters today! Yesterday a whole family of the little guys arrived at the shelter. As so often happens, some people thought they were buying two hamsters of the same sex, and seven babies later realized the pet store's mistake.
The little ones are only 12 days old, and need another week or so before weaning, so they're staying at my house until they're ready for adoption. I have had many rodents, but my mother very wisely never gave in to my childhood pleas for babies. And now I get them with no strings attached! Excellent.
It shouldn't be hard to find forever homes for these cuties!

They're so tiny, it blows my mind. And they're dwarf hamsters, so it's not even a miniature version of a hamster. It's a miniature version of a miniature version!

But if you have suddenly been overcome with the need to have a hamster (and are prepared to offer the very best of love and care!), you needn't wait for another week. The older brothers of these guys are already at the shelter and waiting for loving homes!

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