Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Introducing the Hand

Today was the first day of handling for the little ones! It's very exciting to be the person taming 7 little pets-to-be. They did very well today with being held! Most of them weren't very happy about us catching them, but once they were in the hand they were calm and curious. No bites at all!
Mom Molly (named after a certain other mother of 7!) was not too impressed.

Right now we're trying to figure out who's who. Some personalities are starting to emerge, but there are a few who could be twins! We're going with numbers for simplicity now, but names will soon follow :)

Number 1 has some very distinctive red eyes! He's the bravest of the litter and walked right into my hand when I put it in the cage. No fear there! I know the red eyes are off-putting for many people (plus he's grey, which has mouse-like connotations) - I guess he's trying to make up for his looks with personality!

Number 2 and 3 are almost identical, in fact there's a possibility that I picked up the same hamster twice! They weren't at all sure about being taken out of their cage (and away from Momma Molly!).

Number 4 has an adorable white tail and she was super-interested in the giant human hands.
Number 5 is my personal favourite at the moment. She's going by 'Boxer' for now because when you put your hand in front of her, she bats at it like crazy with her tiny little paws. She was a tricky one to catch, but once in the hands, she posed wonderfully!
And on a final note of sweetness:

I'm pretty sure it's not healthy to live with this much cuteness!
(Remember, their older brothers are waiting for homes at TAS South =)

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