Friday, September 25, 2009

Lucky Seven

Last night, we went through the batch of babies to try and figure out how to tell them all apart! I'm not sure if we're quite experts at it yet, but we did figure out who everyone was. We reshuffled the numbers, although most of them have silly nicknames now.

Number One - Red Eyes. He's by far the friendliest. He just seems to be naturally tame. The red eyes are freaky looking, but Red is such a sweetie, he loves being handled and he's totally fearless.

Number Two - Gerbil, because that's what he looks like! Gerbil's a fast little bugger, and he pretty much never stays still. He's very tame as well though, and he has lots of fun running all over your hands and arms.

Number Three - Grey. Grey looks a lot like two of the others and we have a hard time figuring out who's who with those three. She's a little shy and uncertain about a giant hand coming to get her, but once you pick her up she's pretty adventerous.

Number Four - Twin #1. This one looks almost identical to another one (Twin #2), as well as Grey. They're tricky to figure out! We think Twin 1 will end up named 'Nadia' or something like that, because she is super acrobatic. She flips, she climbs, she pulls herself up by the front paws. It's very impressive.

Number Five - Boxer. Boxer is a nut. She thinks she can beat everybody up, and yesterday she decided to use her teeth, which was not very pleasant! She's very active and with some more handling, I hope she'll calm down.

Number Six - Twin #2. Twin 2 is the bigger one, although it's not very obvious. He's also a lot more aggressive than Twin 1, and he's picking up some bad habits from Boxer! As seen above, they like to bunch together and look tough. Twin 2 is putty in your hands, however, when you give him seed. A secret weapon!

Number 7 - 007/Jamie. 007 is such a cutie! He is super fast, he can get away from everything and he runs like the wind. We called him 007 because he can run and hide like nobody's business. He might as well be a spy! I think he's the smallest of the group at this point. He's a total sweetheart, once you actually get him to stop moving!

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Cute! Boxer+Thundershock's baby pictures!