Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Expanding Their World

The babies are exploring more and more now. They're three weeks old and they're starting to get big and very soft. The other day, I thought they were ready for a new toy, a big part of every pet hamster's life...the toilet paper roll.

Naturally, they ran away from the big scary brown thing. And then they did the three things they're best at: climb on it, fight over it, and eat it.

Much to my surprise, 007 got there first, and he held his own. In fact he ended up staying the longest. That's him chewing blissfully on the bottom. Gerbil and the Twins rushed right over too.

The twins weren't interested for very long, but Gerbil had a great time trying to balance on top.

Mama Molly, of course, knew exactly what to do with the roll and she had a great time.

It amused them for quite a while, but then the need for food kicked in:

They're growing up, but they're still only half Molly's size. Still a few weeks to go yet!


Anonymous said...

how cute..someone showed up with 5 more today...they are only2wks mom is dead...they are soooo small


Laura HP said...

What is this, a dwarf hamster baby boom? Poor little orphans! At least they can eat seed by that age.