Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some Fresh Faces

Maybe it's time for a break from the hamsters. How bout the other little guys at TAS South?

This beautiful girl is Marley. She is tiny, and very delicate-looking. A true little princess! She's a little shy, but if you hang around for a bit and she realizes you won't eat her, she quickly wants to be your friend.

This little lop is apparently now named Simone, but I've been calling her Fanny for a month and now I can't stop. Admittedly, Simone is a much better name. She looks a little ratty in this photo, especially right next to Lady Marley's pristine coat, but soft fuzzy lop ears make up for everything! She's a serious bunny, who will come check you out in her own quiet way. If she deems you worthy, she will allow you to pet her. (Note to potential bunny-owners: This is the attitude of 99% of rabbits)

I love this big guy! Peter is a 6-month-old Flemish Giant. They're the largest breed of bunny, so when he grows up he's going to be about 20 pounds! If I didn't have Alice, I would totally take him home. He's super-friendly and calm, and loves everybody. And look at those big adorable ears!

We also have a pair of guinea pigs at the moment. These squeaky guys never last long. This is Ginger, and she's with her sister Ella, but Ella wouldn't come out and pose. These two are about 4 years old.

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