Friday, October 30, 2009

Casting the Lure

Ever since Bolt came to the shelter, this is what I've seen every time I turn around. Bolt knows exactly how to reel people in and get them to give her lots of love. Whenever you look at her cage, there she is - pressing her twitchy little nose against the bars.
She's certainly not the only one to employ this technique. Shelter animals can become very good at making themselves seem lovable.

Orca is so quiet, I was surprised to see him do this. But he does it exactly the way you'd expect - he calmly comes over, gazes at you, then gently nudges his nose through the bars, keeping his eye on you at all times. And unlike Bolt, when you stop petting him, he accepts this and hops serenely away. I love that boy.

Moonshadow is having none of this wishy-washy waiting for humans nonsense. She'll break out of the cage herself! When I'm taking photos, poor Moonshadow is sometimes overlooked because she is territorial about her cage and needs to be wrapped in a towel to be taken out - at which point she becomes a total sweetheart. Bunnies are crazy.

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