Thursday, October 29, 2009

Take Two

If you're reading this and you were reading this about a month ago, you might remember Peter, a young Flemish Giant. Flemish Giants are the largest breed of bunny in the world and, as you may guess, not very common! In general, the giants of the rabbit world are rarely seen, so it was fairly surprising when Alice, a Giant Chinchilla (second largest), arrived. It was even more surprising when Peter was surrendered.
And now we have another giant! This young bunny is also a Flemish, and he's actually the same colour as Peter. He's thin and a little ragged-looking right now, and he's also having trouble with his ears. He was picked up as a stray, so who knows what his life's been like.
He's a little timid, which is unusual for Giants, but he's sweet and gentle and if you give him a few minutes, he'll let you give him some of the attention he deserves. Right now, he's mostly staying quiet and getting some rest, but as he starts to feel better and settle in, I'll bet we'll see more of that Giant personality shining through.

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EB said...

My first thought seeing this bunny was "Oh no, Peter got returned!" I wonder if the two are brothers? :)