Monday, October 12, 2009

Full House

The shelter has been pretty busy lately! As the cold weather starts to arrive, the shelter has been filling up, including the small animals. In fact our small animal room is pretty much full, so I hope some of them find homes soon! Here's the group that was there for Thanksgiving weekend:
First up, of course, the bunnies:
I think Peter is wondering why he's still there, a month later, when he's such a handsome, friendly, young boy. His size scares people off I think, which is silly since in general, giants make much calmer, sweeter pets than the hyper little dwarves we usually get.
Marley's been there the longest out of our current animals, but I'm not surprised. She was shy when she first came in, and she's gotten worse. She tends to run and hide, hiding her beautiful looks. She's not aggressive in any way - actually she's very gentle, she just needs someone with patience.
This beauty looks a lot like Marley, but has a totally opposite personality. Moonshadow is very new, having only arrived a few days ago as a stray. She is super friendly and adorable.
Chubbs is super camera-shy; this does not show off her luxurious black locks. Maybe she's not doing very well in the shelter, or maybe she just doesn't like me, but she hasn't been very outgoing - yet.
Maddy likes to pose a lot more than her sister. She is a very curious bunny!
You may notice that this bunny looks absolutely petrified. She does NOT like being in the shelter. She just came in a few days ago as a stray, and hopefully she'll adjust soon.
Bolt is still there, but I suspect that's only because she isn't spayed yet and so not ready for adoption. Such a sweet, friendly rabbit! Also, she's cute as a button.

Then we have a set of guinea pigs:
Ginger is still there with her sister, and they've been getting more bold. I think they just can't be bothered to run away all the time anymore.
Ella actually came out! I thought she was all grey since I'd never seen anything but her head before. She's a very pretty cavvy.
Ever seen a baby guinea pig before? I don't know how old this little girl is, but she's very young. She has the cutest face! She just came in, and I suspect she won't last long!

Of course, we also have the snake in the back, and in my house, one of the first litter, the mom, and the three orphaned hammies. Like I said - a full house!


Atrus said...

Sooo...Is Peter neutered?

Laura HP said...

I'm pretty sure he is, since we took him to an adopt-a-thon, but the website's not working at the moment so I can't check. All the rabbits are spayed or neutered before being adopted out.

Laura HP said...

And now the website's working, so yup, he is for sure neutered.