Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gone In A Flash

I had two options for the blog post I was going to do today. I was either going to write about the sudden guinea pig explosion we'd had (6 piggies in total!), or I was going to write about one guinea pig in particular, that adorable little baby, because I'd taken about a hundred photos of her.

And then all my plans went awry because when I visited today, they were down to two guinea pigs, and the baby had been adopted. Yay!

Three guinea pigs came in just two days ago - two males and a female. Kept together. Yeah, great job, previous owners. Anyway, the female is now at my house because there is a 99% chance she's pregnant (hey, when you're already living in a zoo, what's one more?).
I didn't even get a photo of the males, because poof! They're gone! They were adopted yesterday. That's gotta be some kind of record.

The baby female was also adopted yesterday, but I took so many photos of her I have to share some. Everybody could use some more cuteness right?
I also hear that her wonderful adopters know about this website, so I'm sure we'll get an update soon (right, new owners?). =)

I really do hope we hear more from this little girl, because she was a total sweetheart!

Today I met some really lovely people who were looking at cats and eventually took one home. I also found out that Sammy, a big handsome black cat, was adopted yesterday. Sammy had been there since March. He was fostered (and almost adopted) by a friend of mine, but sadly allergies prevented them becoming a permanent home. I'm glad to give them good news! Every single person who adopts a cat to care for and love is awesome, because we have so many cats. Good job, cat adopters!!

Also I just realized that my email isn't listed anywhere here, so pleading for updates is kind of silly. It's now in my profile.

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