Monday, October 19, 2009

Roll Call

I did this same thing last week, but we have so many small animals right now I just want to list them all. So there may be some repeats =)

Bolt's still not spayed, hence why she's still there. As soon as she's available, I'm sure she'll be gone in a flash - no one can resist that friendly face!

Orca is quite new to the shelter. I try to avoid favouritism but I've gotta admit - he's totally my new favourite. He's an adult, about 5 years old and he was used for breeding. He has a very calm temperment - he just acts so dignified and thoughtful about everything. He's also friendly, gentle and already neutered. Not that I'm biased or anything.
Continuing in my non-favouritism, Marley is my other favourite. She's starting to come out of her shell and approach people for attention. She loves to play.
Chubbs still doesn't want much to do with people. Her sister is becoming much more friendly and I hope it will wear off on her soon.
Maddy is becoming much friendlier! She had a great time yesterday when I gave her a toilet paper roll. She played with me and finally let me pet her. Once she was out of the cage and in better light, it was easy to see what a beautiful, silky coat she had (although she could use a trim!).
Moonshadow has lots of energy and she really wants to run around, but she's not too sure about being picked up, which is kind of an integral part of being taken out of the cage. She is a big attention hog and totally adorable.
Ginger and Ella, the sister guinea pigs, have been there for a month now. Ginger is becoming very friendly, she comes running over for treats and scratches behind the ears.
Twin #2 is now at the shelter waiting for his future home. He was a little confused as to where his three brothers went, but pretty happy when he figured out he didn't have to fight over food anymore.

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