Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Introducing Lily

This young guinea pig came into the shelter a few days ago with two males. As I said a few posts ago, the two males got adopted the next day. The little girl came to our house, since there is a 99% chance she's pregnant, and the shelter is not the top vacation spot for pregnant piggies.
People who own animals: Please do not put your males and females together! It makes you look like a moron and it also makes more animals that end up in shelters.
So this pretty girl screamed 'Ellie' to my mom, but I shot that down because there's already an 'Ella' at the shelter (plus we had another Ella, a rabbit, a while back). Too many Ell names! So now she is Lily, and she is turning out to be the friendliest little cutie ever. She's gorgeous - this is not the most flattering photo because she's still a little wary with the big scary camera, but she is a very pretty animal.
I can't wait to see how her personality comes out in the weeks ahead!

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Sharon said...

OMG I love her. She is SO beautiful. Guinea Pigs are my favorite animals, theres just something about that squeak. I'm SO allergic to them, or I would have a house full of them for sure. We had a skinny pig until he passed away from "old" age. What amazing creatures!!