Monday, October 5, 2009

A Pride of Little Lions

Lionhead rabbits are a fairly new breed, and lately they've been super popular as pets. They are definitely adorable - they get their name from the 'mane' of long hair they have around their faces.
Recently no less than three showed up at the shelter!

Chubbs here came in with her sister Maddy. They're not in the same cage but they have their playtime together. From what I've heard, the girls are friendly and tame. They weren't in the mood for playing when I visited, so the photos aren't the most flattering, but they are gorgeous girls!
And this is Maddy. Maddy was bouncing all over the place so it's a miracle this photo exists!

This cutie doesn't have a name yet, but I've been calling her Bolt because she is super-fast! She's a lovely bunny and every time I turned around, there she was at the door, sticking her little nose out. When it was finally her turn to go out, I put her on the ground and ZOOM. Off she went! It was like watching a racecar go around the room. Very exciting! Eventually I caught up with her and she turned into a total snuggler in my arms. Quite the personality on that one!

In other news, Lucky, Nicky & Riff-Raff, the orphan hammies, are still doing pretty well. Fingers crossed!


Marg said...

Oh that last one is super cute!

EB said...

That little brown lionhead is indeed adorable. One of the friendliest buns I've ever met :) I hope she gets adopted soon.