Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I tried really hard to think of a clever title for this post and utterly failed. Updates is clear and concise!
Before I get to the updates, however, an interesting encounter:

The hamster cages are lined up on my desk. Just as I started typing this, Boxer started climbing up the bars, so I grabbed my camera to get a shot. I focused and pressed the button - and this is what came out:
Where did he come from?!
Bailey is fascinated with the hamsters. He hangs around the cages - I don't know if he's waiting for a taste or a friend, but I don't let him get close enough to find out. And knowing Boxer, he probably would've punched the big bird with a sharp beak in the face, so you know, bad situation all around. Anyway he was chased off and Boxer ambled back into the nest with his brothers and sister.

On to the updates! The first litter has grown up super-fast. They're over a month old now and we're getting ready to send them on their merry way to new homes.

Boxer and Twin #1 have a home together waiting for them, with some wonderful people who will give them excellent care and lots of love.
Twin #2 also has a home waiting for him:
Three of them aren't going anywhere, but staying here to join our eclectic house of animals. Gerbil, Red-Eyes and Jamie are staying on as permanent residents and yes, we said we'd keep some from the beginning so it's not like they hoodwinked us with their adorable charm. And yes they will get proper names (well Jamie will probably keep his).
I think Jamie doubled in size overnight! He went from being the runt to being HUGE. Yeah, I used my chemistry textbook to take photos of the hamsters - my professor probably wouldn't approve.

And then we have Grey - the only female of the bunch and the only one without a home so far! We're hoping that someone might take Molly and Grey together since they both prefer to be in groups.
These guys are so big now, it's crazy! Especially since the tank with the itty-bitty orphans are right beside them.
Hopefully soon I'll have updates on their new homes - and they'll have real names!

Also, good news for Fanny/Simone! She's been moved to Rabbit Rescue, a wonderful organization, and is now in a foster home and getting the individual attention she needs.

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