Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Adopt-a-Thon Success!

It was a good weekend! TAS South had an adopt-a-thon at Petsmart over the weekend, and along with the cats and dogs, quite a few small animals got to try their hand at wooing the Petsmart customers.
Bolt (above) and Maddy have both been adopted! I'm sure they'll both make excellent pets for their new families - it's great especially since both of those girls were at the shelter for over a month.

These two guinea pigs were at a different region of TAS, but came to the adopt-a-thon with us. Their names are Selma and Lucy, but don't ask me which one's which! They also found a new home with some lovely people who may be reading this, so - good for you! Especially since red-eyed animals tend to take longer to find homes.

Chubbs and Skipper went to Petsmart too, and while they got a lot of petting and attention from people, they didn't manage to find homes and are back at the shelter. Chubbs was very cuddly and friendly with everyone! Maybe I was just crazy thinking she was the shy one. Look at that face! Hardly shy at all.

All that entertaining wore Skipper out. No, actually, that's a total lie - that boy had energy to burn! He wanted out of that cage by the end of the weekend and he was willing it open it himself!

Alice the Giant Bunny also whole-heartedly approved of this adopt-a-thon business, as she got a toy and a nice new bed out of it. Overall, the event was quite a success!

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