Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Name

Check out this guy! Is that not one of the cutest faces you've ever seen? He's one of the Three Stooges - the other two being Moe and Skipper - who came in with the apartment 7. Turns out he wasn't really a big fan of being with other bunnies, so now he gets a cage all to himself.
He's quite the handsome fellow, and he's playful and fairly friendly, yet for some reason no one (including me) has given him a name.
Now, sometimes it's good that they don't get a name, because potential adopters feel free to name them themselves. On the other hand, most potential adopters feel free to do that anyway (I know I usually do when I adopt). And I like having a name to call them, especially when he's been there almost a month.

Anyway, No Name may not be a big fan of other bunnies, but he has no problem with people. He has lots of energy, as befitting a young rabbit, and he's actually pretty funny to watch when he gets to run. Last weekend, for instance, he was doing binkies* all over the place.

Whee! I can't believe no one's adopted any of these guys yet, they're hilarious.

* Binky = wild, crazy jumps in the air for no apparent reason other than to express joy

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