Sunday, November 15, 2009

All About Merlin!

Today was the conclusion of the adopt-a-thon at Petsmart, and there is some good news all around! But there was one nice person in particular who was thinking of adopting Merlin, so in the interests of being completely shameless, I present - an entire post on Merlin!

If you're confused about who on earth Merlin is, he's the young Dutch who just got neutered. He's not a dwarf, but I think he probably has some dwarf in him because he's not that big. He came in to the shelter on Halloween.
Merlin was actually very lucky. He showed up in someone's backyard (I think) and almost got attacked by a dog. The owner rescued the little guy, however, and very nicely took him to a vet to get checked out. Since Merlin was fine, he ended up at TAS.
He's a super-nice bunny and obviously loved by his last owner, so you'd think an owner would come claim him. But unsurprisingly, no one did. No one ever claims lost bunnies for some reason.
Anyway, Merlin is a very lovely bunny, and hopefully he finds his forever home soon! Also, he has beautiful blue eyes and I have to say I'm always partial to blue-eyed bunnies. They're always very clear and kind of hypnotic!

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