Sunday, November 15, 2009

A New Face

So yesterday, a new bunny was surrendered to the shelter. This was not as horrifying as it would have been last week, before everyone was fixed and half of them were sent off to the adopt-a-thon, but still - not much room.
This guy, named Shrek, was obviously well cared for and loved. Check out the notes the owners left! Leash-trained? Man, Alice isn't even leash-trained. That takes dedication.
So why was he surrendered to TAS? I have no idea. It's just like Baby, in the last post. Obviously loved, obviously spoiled, and yet - now homeless. I'm sure there are a myriad of reasons, but it seems like quite the mystery.
Shrek is a cutie though. He's all black (not the best thing for a shelter animal), but he's got these adorable little white toes! Also, he is the cuddliest rabbit ever. As a rule, bunnies don't really enjoy being picked up, and he is no exception, but he didn't mind sitting on my lap to get cuddled!
He was super-friendly and nice to everyone. I hope he doesn't stay long, because he is obviously quite comfortable being a loved family pet.

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