Friday, November 13, 2009

It was Destiny!

Today I stopped by the shelter and saw that we had a new budgie! This lovely, lovely young boy had just arrived. His name is 'Baby'. His owners left many notes about him - "likes to be covered at night", "likes crackers", "chirps at microwave beeps". He stepped onto fingers and cuddled up on your shoulder and was all-around a clearly loved and hand-tamed bird.

Why was he surrendered? I have no idea. He was certainly the nicest budgie I've ever met.

Half an hour later, I was playing with Twin 2 with Baby on my shoulder, already my little buddy. A family came in, looking for a budgie!
They already had two budgies, and a new cage waiting at home for Baby (which is good, as his current cage was far too small). They played with him, fell in love, and ten minutes later took him home.

How's that for good luck! Baby wasn't at the shelter long enough to even be put on the website!
Lots of good news happening at the shelter! Skipper, Moe and Bolt are off at Petsmart for TAS's adopt-a-thon, where hopefully they'll capture someone's heart. Lenny, the Dutch, Fred & George are off to be neutered! That means everyone will be neutered/spayed, and everyone can be adopted. Hooray!

And the best news of all - Ginger has finally been adopted, after almost two months, and went off to her new home today.

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