Sunday, November 1, 2009

Filled Up

At last count, the number of small animals attached to TAS South (I say 'attached' because some of them are at my house instead of the shelter):
13 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 5 dwarf hamsters and 1 budgie.
Total: 21
So, if you're looking for a small animal, TAS South is the place to be, because we are FULL.

Ginger is such a character. She's become quite the chatterbox. She's friendly and good at making you laugh. I think she tends to get overlooked, what with the avalanche of rabbits, but if you stop to say hello to her you'll be well rewarded.

Bolt still hasn't been spayed, unfortunately it's gotten a bit backed up, but it should be super soon (this week?). She's gotten a tiny bit territorial about her cage but she's still a big suck who loves attention. She's also a big ham and I have about a bazillion photos of her.

This handsome guy came in on Halloween. He was brought in by a kind person who rescued him from the man's dog. He's a totally lovely bunny, friendly, calm, affectionate. He needed some serious nail-clipping but other than that looks well cared for, so it seems very possible an owner will show up (I hope so!).

A budgie came in last week. This beautiful green lady does not fly around spastically like most budgies who arrive at the shelter. She doesn't fly away at all, actually, she's quite ready to nip at fingers. She also steps onto those fingers, much to my astonishment. With some love, I think she could be a great, tame pet.

Lenny, the Giant who came in last week, is doing wonderfully. Last week, he was skinny and his coat was ragged, and his ears were not good at all. Now his ears are mostly cleared up, his coat looks good and he's putting on weight. Yay for the TAS workers! This poor boy is quite timid; he actually cringes back when you pet him. It's so strange to see a shy giant rabbit. Check out those beautiful big ears!

These guys have gone from being 'The Splotchies' to the Three Stooges. They're a group of goofs, obviously fairly young and full of energy and clumsiness.

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