Monday, November 2, 2009

Fred & George

Meet Fred & George, a pair of true trouble-makers! These two are part of the seven that came in about a week ago. These snowy white bunnies are now being kept as a pair, and they seem to have bonded quite a bit. It would be fantastic if they were adopted as a bonded pair. It's incredibly difficult to find good homes for bonded pairs. Last time I saw one, we had a male/female pair named Harry and Ginny, and even though they were cute and friendly, they stayed at the shelter for 4 whole months. Happily, they did eventually find a home together.

Fred & George are little rascals (especially Fred). I have a habit of leaving cages unlocked as I switch back and forth between bunnies, because most of them don't care. Fred, however, immediately shoved the door open and leapt out, jumping on top of another bunny's cage.
They are both adults, but barely, and they have their whole lives ahead of them. They are a lot of fun (although a handful!) with energy to burn and curiosity about everything.
Fred has a huge personality. He needs a lot of exercise and he never stops moving, but he will pause to say hello to you (or George). He's curious about everything and loves to jump and run.
Freddy does like to get stroked, and he tolerates being held, although he'd much rather be running around. He's also totally adorable, with his patches of brown markings.
George is the quieter of the pair. He has absolutely beautiful clear blue eyes and a lovely white coat that he actually manages to keep mostly clean. George lets Fred push him around and be the boss, but he likes to do his own exploring, too.
George also likes attention, but he can be a little tentative about getting petted. Once he's sure you're not some crazy person, he is happy to come over and say hello.
These guys would make great pets - they'll be a lot of fun wherever they go. I really hope that someone comes to take both of them as a pair!

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