Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Back on Track

Check out this little guy! He was just gorgeous. His name was listed as 'Samuel' although I suspect this has changed. I barely got to know him before he was scooped up by a very animal-friendly family. He's lucky he's got such a good home now, because we think Samuel had a pretty rough life before he came to us.

Freddy is just so sweet. Actually no - Benny! I've got to get used to his new name. Benny is just so sweet. I'm happy to say he and Buddy act so in love that they're officially designated a bonded pair. I really hope those two stay together, wherever they go.

Shrek may have a home already! He's marked as 'adopted' and is being held for some very nice people who are waiting for him to be neutered. They're bunny-people, which is great because I think Shrek is used to being spoiled!
I'm crossing my fingers that things are calming down for the small animal room. At last count, there's only seven rabbits, plus the two Orphans. I can't believe I'm saying 'only seven' - but hey, it's much better than fourteen!

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