Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kitten Parade

I stopped by the kitten room last weekend! It was my first time photographing kittens and I've got to say - holy cow. Photographing those little guys is like photographing lightning.
This cutie came into the shelter as a stray back in August. I assume he came in as a litter with mom, but I can never keep track of the different litters. Anyway he's on his own now, and awfully adorable. I believe he's around 4-5 months old.
He was having a great time playing with his toy! I imagine he was in foster for a while, but now that he's showing off at the shelter I'm surprised he hasn't already been snatched up.
Boing! He's just dreadfully cute. I'm such a sucker for the orange guys.
Then there were these two brothers. Pom-Pom's on the left and Max is on the right. These guys were bouncing off the walls when I let them out.
Max did take the time to pose for a distinguished portrait (under a wall of cages), but Pom-Pom was much too busy bouncing around after a toy.
I always feel remiss if I don't get at least one black cat when I'm at the shelter. I love black cats, but they do tend to last longer. Lucky here was surrendered by his owners with his (presumed?) brother Falcon, also a gorgeous young black cat. The pair are 6-8 mos old.
Finally we have Lindy, who is the prettiest little calico, she's just stunning. She's quite the character too - she kept slinking up behind me when I least expected it, nudging for a pet. She came in as a stray and is around 8 mos old.
Right, next time it's back to the small animals!

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