Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Grand Adventure

Riff-Raff and Houdini made the trek to the shelter this weekend! It was quite an adventure. They were the first to use our shiny new carrier, since the old one broke. Riff-Raff was not pleased at being removed from the 10-gallon tank for that tiny thing.

They were good sports about it though. Off we went on the TTC. The girls were jumping all over the place and attracted a lot of looks, especially from little kids. One little girl watched them for about 5 minutes before turning to her mom and saying, "Instead of going shoe-shopping, can we get hamsters?" Ha! Her mom wisely turned her down.

So now they're at the shelter waiting for a family. That sheet is a little 'biography' we typed up for them. Those girls are nutcases but we will miss them!
And that's it - no more hammies waiting to go back! Molly, Nicky, Al, Jamie and Ollie are here, but they're here to stay. The ever-rotating hamster group has finally settled down.

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